BTES consists of WAPS Testing, CDC/PME Testing, Formal Training, Education Services, Base Training, and Civilian Training.





MISSION: Offer professional guidance to enhance individual and mission readiness, educate and equip Airmen of available Air Force education programs, and assist in preparing the world's elite fighting force through education.

Based on Resource Management Decision 703 (RMD 703), Education Services lost its Customer Service position and 2 Counselor positions. Based on these losses, a walk in or telephone customer service function could not be sustained. All questions regarding Education/CCAF/Testing/Appointments and Tuition Assistance are accomplished through emails to Please add your last 4 SSAN and contact information to all emails.  The more information you provide in your request, such as Course Name, Course Number, start/stop dates, exam you are requesting, the more accurate your response can be.


Hours of Operation:

0830-1600 Monday-Friday. (By Appointment Only)

**** If you would like to schedule an individual appointment, please submit your request to with your full name, the last 4 of SSAN and the reason for your appointment (i.e. changing schools, degrees, CCAF, or initial TA briefing).     


 TESTING:  Testing for Course 14, SOS, DLAB, DLPT, and AFCT is accomplished Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 0800 hrs, and Tuesday at 1300 hrs. All test scheduling is done on line. Please use the Scheduling Instructions.  Individuals retraining will need to take the Air Force Classification Test (AFCT). 

**** The base Education Office is no longer offering proctoring services for civilian exams.  However, the Bossier Parish Community College (678-6002) and Louisiana State University (797-5187) do offer proctoring services for a fee.


Course 15 and 14 v6 Registration:  This is now a self-registration process with Air University.  See attachement for instruction and eligibility requirements.  PME Registration.


 Squardon Officer School (SOS)/Registration: To self register for the new SOS MSOS003 course, see SOS Instructions.  


Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME): To obtain information and to register for the SEJPME, please go to  If this does not work, GOOGLE/BING in SEJPME and select the Joint Force Staff College web site.

Course 14/ SEJPME Updates: To get your Course 12/14 or SJEPME updated, you must go to , Left Column Scroll down to "MY ACCOUNT", Select Incidents/Message, Select "Email us" in the right hand corner,Component:  Active Duty, Category: Benefit and Entitlements , Subject: Request SJEPME/Course 14 update  Question: Request my SEJPME/Course 14 be updated. Please see attached certificate...., Attach Document/Email, Browse... and attached.

Certificates are the ONLY acceptable source documents. Request for certificate updates should only be sent 30 days after the completion date, to allow time for automatic system updates to occur.

Once the member's record is updated to show course completion it will show immediately in vMPF, but may still take up to 4-6 weeks for it to reflect in the Assignment Management System (AMS) SURF.  AU/CFR mails out the certificates/diplomas weekly for those who have completed Senior NCO enlisted non-resident course. They will not mail out another certificate/diploma until 30 days after the initial mailing has elapsed. 

 If members cannot provide a completion certificate for their course 12/14 ONLY the member can e-mail the AU Organizational Help Desk at ( to request a mailed copy of their certificate. Students submitting requests need to include their full name, last-4 of SSN, and which AU course they are currently enrolled into in the e-mail body. For further assistance, members may also review the Frequently Asked Questions.

College Level Examination Program (CLEPS) /Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) exams are called Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) Exams: Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) National Testing Center (NTC) administers CLEPS/DANTES exams for Barksdale.  They are currently testing on Monday and Wednesdays by appointment only.  See attachment for exams offered and scheduling your exams. If you must cancel your exam, you need to notify the BPCC NTC. BPCC Flyer Here

 - For information regarding CLEPS you have already taken please call 850-452-1111

- If you are taking CLEPS/DANTES exams at another location and you want the results to go to CCAF, their code is 7992, Community College of the Air Force, CCAF/DEAUX, 100 South Turner Blvd, Maxwell- Gunter AFB, AL 36114-3011.


***Please check with your university for a listing of what exams they will or will not accept.**



 - Every enlisted member is automatically enrolled in a CCAF degree plan that coincides with their AFSC.  To obtain your degree you must have your five level, meet residence requirements, 24 hours in your technical area, 6 hours in Leadership and Management (covered by ALS), 15 program electives and 15 Hrs in General Education which includes English, Math, Social Science, Speech and Humanities.  Every degree is different in what credits can count in the technical area.  If you are separation or retiring, your classes must end while you are still on active duty.

 - To check your degree plan, sign on to the AFVEC, under CCAF actions there is a link for your Web Progress Report.  You will click on the Degree Title, and it will bring up your report.  If you are registered in the wrong degree, or your tech school, ALS, or other military courses are not listed, please email for an appointment. At this appointment, the counselor will advise you what courses/exams can be used to complete your CCAF degree. 

 - To check to see if the courses you are planning on taking counts towards your CCAF degree go into your CCAF Web progress report, scroll down until you see "Civilian Course Conversion Table" (CIVCCT).  You will input the state of your college and then select your college from the drop down menu. Hit retrieve, and a listing of all the courses accepted by CCAF and in what area (ex: Math, Social Science) will be listed on the table.

   - To get civilian credits posted on your CCAF Progress report, you must contact your university/college and have them send an official transcript directly to Community College of the Air Force/DESS, 100 South Turner Road, Gunter Annex, Al 36114-3011.  Transcripts can take 45 to 60 days or longer to update onto your web progress report. Conferring of degrees is accomplished year round.  As soon as you have completed all your requirements, have your transcripts sent to CCAF.

  - CCAF only prints diplomas twice a year.  CCAF refers to the Spring Session as the April Class, and the fall as the October Class. This is just a designation of lists; this does not mean that the graduation ceremonies will only be held in April or October.

 -   Cut off for April class is normally the last Friday in February, and for the fall class the cutoff is normally the last Friday in August.  This means the transcripts must have been received by the CCAF before that date.

 - Professional Manager Certificate (PMC) is a professional credential awarded by CCAF that formally recognizes an individual's advanced level of education and experience in leadership and management as well as professional accomplishments. To learn more about this certificate visit  For more information, contact the CCAF Credentialing Programs Flight at DSN 749-5020 / (334) 649-5020 or e-mail If your PMC needs to be updated, email the certificate to  Please include the last four of your SSAN.


- CCAF transcripts:

 To update your  college credits from civilain courses to your CCAF Web Progress report; you  must have each of your universities  send official transcripts to:


Community College of the Air Force

 100 South Turner Blvd

 Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex AL 36114-3011


It is currently taking CCAF 90 days to post transcripts. 


The link and or website is currently unavailable to order CCAF transcripts electronically.  You may use the following options to order your CCAF transcript:

 1.)   Mail a letter to the CCAF requesting a transcript, you will need to included your full name, the last four of your SSN, your Date of Birth, and the address in which you wish to have your transcript mailed to. (This option is free, please ensure that the letter is physically SIGNED or your information will not be released).

 2.)  Credentials, INC does overnight and regular deliveries using a service called TranscriptPLUS for a fee. This service can be located at (This option is not free, you will incur regular first class mail and or FedEx overnight delivery fees).


- Education Office can no longer provide CCAF verification letters. On 28 February 2013, a message coordinated between AFPC and CCAF, addressed to all MAJCOMS and Education offices required us to immediately cease from providing CCAF verification letters for EPRs; as it was causing complications with the promotion boards.





  - Information regarding criteria, eligibility and instuctions on applying for OTS/BOT is located on line at: 

Sharepoint applicaton:

Applications for the OTS/BOT program are submitted on-line by the member.  No appointments will be given for assisting in preparing packages.  The applicant is ultimately responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their application. 

Please review handout for more information- OTS/BOT Handout

  - Web sites for all commissioning programs. Web Site List

 -  The Air Force Educationa Leave of Absence program was suspended indefinitely on 14 Mar 14. 

 -  Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC (SOAR):  This program offers Airmen the opportunity to earn a commission by separating from active duty and joining an AFROTC detachment and  to complete their Bachelor's degree while attending an AFROTC program. Eligibility and more information can be found at

 ------Packages must be received at the Education Office by  31 Aug 2015 .  POC


    - Commissioning Briefings are held monthly on the second Tuesday, 1400 hours in room 218 in the Base Education bldg.  No appointment is necessary. Commissioning Slides Here



 SCHOLARSHIPS: 200 Plus Scholarships



***New FY15 Tuition Assistance Changes:  Effective Immediately all Courses beginning on or after 1 Oct 14.

  1.  All TAmust be submitted and approved 7 days prior to the course start date.  Education Services is unable to build TA forms for individuals within the 7 day window. The earliest a day can be submitted is 45 days.

2.  TA will only pay for tuition; it no longer covers any fees.

3. Grade Point Average (GPA).  Airmen who do not maintain a cumulative undergrad GPA of 2.0 or higher at the undergraduate level after completing 15 semester hours or equivalent will not be authorized MilTA until they raise their GPS to the required level.  For graduate-level courses, the member must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.) grading scale after completing 6 semester hours or equivalent. Airman will have to take courses using alternate funding.  Once an airman raised their GPA to the acceptable level, MilTA can once again be utilized.

4. Individuals with incompletes or pending reimbursement actions will not be able to apply for TA.  Once repayment actions are initiated, TA can be used.  Airmen do not need to wait until total payment has been completed.

5.  No more than 124 Sh (186 QH) for a bachelor's degree and 42 Sh (70) QH for a graduate degree will be funded for MilTA.  Individuals with approved degree plans on file that exceed this limit are grandfathered in.  However, if an airman changes their program of study, they will be subject to the new guidelines.

6.  Individuals that have not use TA in a year will be required to receive a new TA briefing prior to applying for TA. Continuing individuals will accomplish annual training on line.

7.  Certifications and Licensure Programs:  Individuals currently enrolled in Certification or Licensure programs will have one year to complete their programs.  NO new applications will be approved.

8.  New Air Force Credentialing Opportunities Online (AF COOL)  AF COOL will be available for Enlisted Airmen to apply for certifications based on their duty Air Force specialty code, with a lifetime cap of $4,500. Senior NCOs are also eligible for leadership and management credentialing programs within the lifetime cap. Funding for the program is currently scheduled to begin in January 2015. However, the website will be fully functional Oct. 1.Funding is separate from your $4500.00 cap for civilian degrees.  Go to the AFVEC to check out the AF COOL program.  


FY 14 changes -still current 

1.  Military TA will automatically be denied for Airmen currently with UIFs, failed PT tests, referral EPR/OPS or if on a Control Roster. If an individual already has started a course and then is disqualified, the individual will not be removed from the course.

2. Foreign language courses are only approved as part of a degree or if on the approved DoD shortage list.

3.  Military TA cannot be used for multiple degrees at the same level, except CCAF, SAF/International Affairs and JA (Cyber Law) 

4.  Supervisors are now a part of the MilTA approval process to ensure:

     - Airmen's duties will not interfere with completion of courses (s)

     - No discretionary show stoppers (i.e. TDY, PCS)

     - Awareness of the "readiness" of their Airmen (i.e. personal, financial or professional hindrances to course completion)


 Students (Roles/Responsibilities):

- Must ensure their personal information (e-mail account) and supervisor's contact information is loaded in AFVEC

- Submit an initial plan of study as an e-degree. Follow instructions on AFVEC.  Members are allowed to only take 6 hours using an initial degree plan.  Once this is reached, an evaluated degree plan will need to be submitted.

- Send all transcripts to their University to obtain an evaluated degree plan.  Then update the evaluated degree plan


Supervisor (Roles/Responsibilities):

- Each TA request will require the supervisor to approve or disapproved.  The supervisor will also have the option to reject TA requests, when they are not or no longer the supervisor.

- Supervisors will be notified of reimbursement actions for failed or missing grades.



- Each degree plan, weather evaluated or non-evaluated (generic) will be need in order for TA approval.

- Non-evaluated (generic) degree plan is an unofficial degree plan not specifically tailored to you. NOTE: This type of degree plan is only acceptable up to 6 credit hours. You have to submit an evaluated degree plan for TA approval that will allow you to continue past those 6 credit hours. 

- An evaluated degree plan is a personalized plan developed with and by an academic advisor. This plan lists all of the courses required for a degree and any other college transferred from other universities. It will summarize the credits and courses needed to complete the degree, the number of credits transferred and the number of remaining credits left.


Colleges & Degree Programs

On Base:

Louisiana Tech University    

Hours: 0830-1730         Phone: 456-5006     


- Associate/Bachelor of Arts, General Studies

- Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology

- Master of Business Administration

- Master of Arts, Counseling and Guidance

- Master of Arts, Industrial Organizational Psychology

- Information Insurance: (POC) Dr. Doug Amyx, Associate Dean for Graduate    Studies


Louisiana Tech University Global Campus

- Health Information Administration

- Health Information Technology

- Health Information Management - Masters

- Second Careers in Teaching (SCIT)

- Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Communications

- Graduate Certificate in Dynamics of Domestic and Family Violence


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University   

Hours: 0800-1630   Phone: 456-2272    


- Airframe/Powerplant Type 65 program

- Associate/Bachelor of Science Aviation Maintenance

- Associate/Bachelor of Science, Professional Aeronautics

- Associate/Bachelor of Science, Technical Management

- Master of Science in Management/ Master of Science in Aeronautical Science



Northwestern State University of Louisiana  

Hours: 0730-1700 (Friday 0730-1130)      Phone: 741-2801          

Website: http:\\

- BSN Nursing                                                  

- Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration                                                                 

- 26 Degree Programs exclusively offered Online including Associate's, Bachelor's  & Master's


Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC)   National Testing Center


Phone: 678-6468  





Helpful Military Sites


Air Force Portal                              


The Air Force Virtual Education Center –is located under Top Viewed: Force Development. Use this site to obtain CCAF transcripts, CCAF web progress reports, CLEP/DANTES study guides, and accomplish TA on line.





The Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL) formally ECI site provides information regarding all Professional Military Education programs. Select the courses under Base Ed/Trng office menu.




This site contains information on certification programs, study material for DANTES and Excelsior exams, Troops to Teachers, DANTES transcript request forms and DANTES External Degree Catalog.


Scholarships & Financial Aid




Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  You can also find FAFSA pre-application worksheets are found at 


Financial Aid                                  


Information on loans, scholarships and Military aid are found here. Financial aid applications also available here at this website.


Graduate School                             


Graduate School grants and financial aid information is available here.


U.S. Department of Education       


Educational Resources and financial aid information is available here.




An extensive list of scholarships and grants available for the military community is available here.






(American College Test). Registration, testing, test date availability and information available here.




(Scholastic Aptitude Test). Registration and Prep information is available here.  


GRE, GMAT, PRAXIS                  


General Testing Information on GRE, GMAT, PRAXIS is available here.


Other Great Sites


Commission Programs            



Veterans Affairs                    



G.I. BILL & Scholarships                  



Occupational Handbook      



National Center of Education   


Customer Comments? Click Here! ICE Customer Comments




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